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Magazine Articles about Bichirs and Ropefish

Below is a list of magazine articles (most recent first) about Bichirs and Ropefish. Many of these will be available as photocopies or back issues. Contact details are given below where available.


Pickett, Joshua (2021). Bichir: Through the Ages. Amazonas, July/Aug 2021.

Evans, Sean (2015). Quick ID: Bichirs. Practical Fishkeeping, Jan 2015.

Britz, Ralph & Roesler, Ritva (2009). Breeding First! [Reed fish] Practical Fishkeeping, March 2009.

Glass, Spencer (2007). The Ancient Ornate Bichir. Aquarium Fish Magazine, June 2007.

Evans, Sean (2003). Living Fossils [Keeping Polypterus in the Aquarium]. Practical Fishkeeping, Xmas 2003.

Lewis, Peter A. (1996). The bichirs; Ancient fish with many fins. Aquarium Fish Magazine, May 1996.

Azuma, H. (1995). Breeding Polypterus endlicheri. Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Oct 1995.

Castro, Alfred D. (1995). Back again; The re-emergence of an aquarium fish from the 60s (bichirs). Aquarium Fish Magazine, May 1995.

Donovan, Paul. (1992). Beautiful bichirs. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium, Feb 1992.

Edmonds, Les (1992). The mysterious bichirs. Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Feb 1992.

Burgess, Warren E. (1983) Bichirs and rope fish. Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Jan 1983.


For information about photocopies or back issues, contact the relevant magazine via their website below:

Aquarium Fish Magazine (no longer in production)

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (no longer in production)


Practical Fishkeeping

Tropical Fish Hobbyist