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My own Polypterids...

This is a list of the Polypterid fishes currently in my own collection, which has been steadily built up over several years. I have been very pleased to be able to add both the most recently described Polypterus, P. teugelsi, and the elusive P. ansorgii to my collection recently. However, I am always on the lookout for good specimens, particularly of the ones which are hard to find here in the UK - such as P. mokelembembe (the species that used to be known as P. retropinnis) for example.

P. ansorgii5 x unsexed juveniles, approx 5"
P. bichir8 Male
9 Female
P. bichir "lapradei"12 Male
9 Male
9 Female
8 Female
P. bichir "lapradei Koliba"3 x unsexed juveniles
P. delhezi12 Female
P. congicus14 Male
14 Female
P. endlicheri16 Male
10 Female
4 unsexed juveniles, approx 4"
P. mokelembembe9 Female
P. ornatipinnis16 Female
9 Male
P. palmas "buettikoferi"9 Male
P. palmas "buettikoferi"9 Female
5 unsexed juveniles
P. polli5x 7-8 (4M/1F)
P. retropinnis2x 9 (unsexed)
P. teugelsiUnsexed juvenile
P. weeksii12 Male
14 Female
Ropefish3x 9-12 (1M/2F)



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