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Polypterus bichir

Scientific name: Polypterus bichir   (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, E. 1802)

Synonyms: Polypterus bichir bichir, Polypterus bichir lapradei

Common name(s): Nile bichir

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Origin: Nile River, Lake Rudolf and Omo River, Lake Chad, Chari and Logone Rivers.

Max reported size (TL): 680mm (27")

Description: Dark greyish colour on dorsal surface, with irregular vertical bands on flanks. Dark horizontal bands on the sides of juveniles can usually be seen faintly in the adults. Prominent lower jaw longer than upper jaw. 14-18 dorsal spines.

Comments: The longest known and type-species of the genus Polypterus. Three subspecies were designated, but are no longer considered valid.

Main Reference:

Schafer, F. (2004). Aqualog Polypterus. Verlag ACS GmbH (Aqualog).