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Polypterus palmas buettikoferi

Scientific name: Polypterus palmas buettikoferi   (Steindachner, 1891) [NOT VALID]

Common name(s): Buettikofer's bichir, Gold Dust Bichir

Polypterus palmas buettikoferi (Gold Dust Bichir)

Origin: West Africa

Max reported size (SL): 353mm (14")

Description: The dorsal surface in front of the dorsal spines has forward-pointing "V-shaped" markings, which extend as diagonal bands onto the lateral surface. There are also diagonal bands on the flanks. Juveniles have a more dense colour pattern. The ventral surface is a uniform pale yellowish colour. Dorsal finlets have contrasting dark and light colouration. There are 7-10 dorsal spines.

Comments: This bichir was designated as a subspecies of Polypterus palmas for many years (see main reference below), but is now considered a variant.

Main References:

Hanssens, M.M., G.G.Teugels, D.F.E.Thys Van den Audenaerde (1995): Subspecies in the Polypterus palmas complex (Brachiopterygii; Polypteridae) from West and Central Africa. Copeia 1995 (3): 694-705.

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