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Polypterus delhezi

Scientific name: Polypterus delhezi   (Boulenger, 1899)

Common name(s): Armoured bichir, banded bichir

Picture of Polypterus delhezi (Armoured bichir)

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Origin: Central Africa: Congo river, Upper and middle Congo

Max reported size (TL): 350mm (14")

Description: The upper surface is greyish, with hints of green or yellowish colouration. The ventral surface is a uniform lighter colour. There are 7-8 dark vertical bands which vary in thickness between individuals. 10-13 dorsal finlets. The mouth is relatively small for the fish's size.

Comments: This bichir is quite commonly available. Captive-bred fish are available in the trade, but many seem to lack the more intense markings of wild-caught fish.

Main Reference:

Schafer, F. (2004). Aqualog Polypterus. Verlag ACS GmbH (Aqualog).