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Polypterus endlicheri

Scientific name: Polypterus endlicheri   (Heckel, 1847)

Synonym(s): Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri

Common name(s): Saddled bichir, Red bichir

Picture of Polypterus endlicheri, Saddled bichir

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Origin: Nigeria, Lake Chad, White Nile

Max reported size (TL): 750mm (30")

Description: Irregular vertical bands are present along the sides of the fish, which do not extend fully onto the ventral surface, which is a uniform whitish-yellow colour. Black spots are present on the head, body and caudal fin. Prominent lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. 11-15 dorsal finlets.


Main Reference:

Schafer, F. (2004). Aqualog Polypterus. Verlag ACS GmbH (Aqualog).