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Polypterus katangae

Scientific name: Polypterus katangae   (Poll, 1941)

Synonyms: Polypterus bichir katangae

Common name(s): None

Origin: Central Africa (Katanga region)

Max reported size (TL): 460mm (18")

Description: Olive-grey dorsal surface and whitish ventral surface. Lower jaw longer than upper jaw. 12-14 dorsal spines present.

Comments: There was considered to be a strong possibility that this species was synonymous with P. congicus, as it occurs within the range of that species, and cannot be differentiated from it by meristic characters, and it was eventually synonomised with P. congicus.

Main Reference:

Timo Moritz and Ralf Britz (2019): Revision of the extant Polypteridae (Actinopterygii: Cladistia). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters. IEF-1094: 1-96