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Polypterus polli

Scientific name: Polypterus polli   (Gosse, 1988)

Synonym(s): Polypterus palmas polli   (Gosse, 1988)

Common name(s): Poll's bichir

Picture of Polypterus polli, Poll's bichir

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Origin: West & Central Africa, Congo River

Max reported size (SL): 321mm (13")

Description: Dorsal surface has large dark blotches forming a mottled pattern. Ventral surface has a uniform lighter colouration. The base of the pectoral fin has a large dark spot. 5-7 dorsal spines.

Comments: This species seems to be commonly available in most parts of the world, and may be imported as P. palmas.

Main Reference:

Hanssens, M.M., G.G.Teugels, D.F.E.Thys Van den Audenaerde (1995): Subspecies in the Polypterus palmas complex (Brachiopterygii; Polypteridae) from West and Central Africa. Copeia 1995 (3): 694-705.