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Polypterus teugelsi

Scientific name: Polypterus teugelsi   (Britz, 2004)

Synonym(s): Polypterus sp. "Cameroon"

Common name(s): Cross River bichir, Cameroon bichir

Picture of Polypterus teugelsi (Cross River / Cameroon bichir)

Origin: Cameroon, Upper Cross River

Max reported size (SL): 415mm (16")

Description: The colouraton is different to all other Polypterus, comprising a network of black markings on the upper surface of the body, black pectoral fins and an orange ventral surface. 7-9 dorsal finlets.

Comments: This recently described species resembles P. retropinnis and also the P. palmas complex. Apart from colouration, P. teugelsi differs from P. retropinnis in a number of other diagnostic characters, mostly related to its more elongate body.

Main References:

Britz, R. (2004): Polypterus teugelsi, a new species of bichir from the Upper Cross River system in Cameroon (Actinopterygii: Cladistia: Polypteridae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 15 (2): 179-186.