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Books containing information about Bichirs and Ropefish

Below is a list of books that contain information relating to Bichirs and Ropefish.


Polypterus - Bichirs
Frank Schafer
Verlag ACS (Aqualog) 2004
ISBN 3-936027-39-0
The definitive work on bichirs for aquarium hobbyists to date and an essential book for any Polypterus enthusiast. Features information on keeping Polyperids in the aquarium, followed by details about each species and a comprehensive collection of photographs of the known species at the time.

Jurassic Fishes
Haruto Kodera et al
TFH 1994 (English translation), Reprinted 1996
ISBN 0-7938-0086-2
Although a bit out of date with names now, this book is well worth having for any Polypterus enthusiast. It contains some superb photographs and was the first hobbyist-orientated book with comprehensive information on Polypterus, as well as other primitive fishes. Contains several pages on raising Bichirs, as well as two sections on breeding Polypterus.

Air-Breathing Fishes - Evolution, Diversity and Adaptation.
Jeffrey B. Graham
Academic Press 1997
ISBN 0-12-294860-2
Contains a page on the natural history of Polypteridae with references, and makes a number of references throughout the book to the anatomy and physiology of Polypteridae, as well as other primitive fishes such as Protopteridae.

The Rise of Fishes - 500 million years of evolution
John A. Long
John Hopkins University Press 1995
ISBN 0-8018-5438-5
Mainly for more general interest on the evolution of primitive fishes rather than for information on Polypteridae specifically, the book makes reference to the place of Polypteridae in the evolution of fishes. Oddly, it refers to "reedfish" as the common name for Polypterus species.




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