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What's New at Polypterus.info

November 13th 2021: New, more responsive layout uploaded!

October 30th 2021: Several small updates to content and layout.

October 28th 2021: Minor updates to coding to prepare the site for a major revamp!

October 29th 2020: Long overdue update to some of the species and subspecies names, and a few other minor updates.

August 16th 2014: Two photos added for P. ansorgii.

July 24th 2014: Minor updates.

August 1st 2012: Added details on books about Polypterus.

June 25th 2008: Added article on tank setup for Polypterus.

February 27th 2006: Added two new references to the scientific publications page.

February 26th 2006: Added a new profile for Polypterus mokelembembe (the species previously known as Polypterus sp "Congo" / Zaire Green bichir).

August 5th 2004: Added search facility.

July 22nd-26th 2004: Minor updates plus first photo gallery started: Polypterus (palmas) polli

July 20th 2004: Polypterus.info officially goes online!

July 18th-19th 2004: A few extra details added.

July 13th-14th 2004: Most of initial site content created and uploaded.

I will try to get as much useful information on the website as soon as possible, but due to my other commitments, it may take time to build up the information in each section into a comprehensive resource.